Henri Goossens & The Beggar's Clan
A Beggars' view on Irish history
Saturday October 5th 2019

The Beggar's Clan Theatershow takes you through the rich history of Ireland and the fitting drinks and music; Whiskey & Folkmusic!

We're happy to announce that Henri Goossen (The Teacher) and Thijs Jeurissen (Mr. O’ Conscience) will support this show as storytellers and "Lords". 

Being the whiskey-expert he is, Henri will gladly walk us through it's rich history. Henri is a so-called Whiskeyentertainer, having an entire library of not only Whiskey-, but also Irish history ready to share! In his own, original way, Henri will entertain and teach you all about Ireland; making sure you won't leave the theatre without a smile. 

Thijs Jeurissen will offer the visitors a with a background and "plot line" in the chaos of all Henri's story's! 

Musically, they'll be supported by "The Clan", a band consisting of Johnny McGurk, Becky Cooper, Awl Mickey Coote, Dacy, Hogan en Slugger O’ Toole. Every one of them is a true musician and has their own connection with Irish folklore and music. 

“A hearty piece of Irish history, illustrated with her great traditional Irish folkmusic. The end result went in like a great whiskey.” According to Weekblad De Twenterander. In short, a show you don't want to miss!

October 5th 2019
Theatre Dina
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