Vintage & Rare Boutique Guitar Show
Experience Handmade Guitars, Amps, and Effects.
Friday December 6th 2019

The V&R Boutique Guitar Show is a new initiative to give you a unique opportunity to experience handmade guitars, amps, and effects from a collection of the best luthiers and boutique builders in the world today. You will be able to see, try, and buy all these wonderful products. 

This initiative is hosted by Vintage & Rare, a marketplace, platform and community that has had a foothold in the guitar-industry for a long time now! Vintage & Rare and The Fellowship of Acoustics are long-time partners and look forward to working together to bring this unique opportunity. 

This is one of six shows in the European tour and the only stop in The Netherlands is at The Fellowship of Acoustics, the event will last for two days. Starting at 16:00 on Friday December 6th, we'll kick off the event with a few drinks and have our first look at all the stunning guitars and gear. The next day the show will carry on from 10:00 till 17:00 on Saturday December 7th. The event will be sponsored by Lundgren Guitar Pickups. 

Entrance is free and walk-ins are more than welcome! Feel free to reserve a ticket for free through our website, but this is not mandatory. 

A couple of the builders attending are; Tonfuchs guitars (Germany), Fredholm Guitars (Sweden), Valenti Guitars (Italy), Vuorensaku Guitars (Finland), Hans guitars & repairs (Germany), Westerberg Guitars (Sweden), Norwegian Wood Series (Norway), Stoll Guitars (Germany), Ergon Guitars (Portugal), Teuffel Guitars (Germany), Diezel Amplification (Germany), Greuter Audio (Switzerland), Carl Martin (Denmark), Olsson Amps (Sweden), Shin-ei Effects Pedals (US), Dreamer Guitarworks (Brazil), Jürss Guitars (Sweden), ROZAWOOD (Czech Republic), Soulman Pedalboards (Finland), Rufini Fine Instruments. 


December 6th 2019
Theatre Dina
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