Emil Ernebro Bootcamp
Bootcamp only (No B&B)
Friday August 13th 2021

The last time we had Emil Ernebro over, it was a great weekend! Emil is a great teacher and his Bootcamp was fully booked. Emil will be organising another Guitar Bootcamp at TFOA: an entire weekend of guitar-workshops!

"In my bootcamp, we'll talk about Fingerstyle guitar playing and all the things that are related to the subject Solo Guitar. Techniques, groove, timing, improvising, playings songs, jazz, blues, country, fingerpicking and arranging for solo guitar. In many ways, the course is "custom-made" for the participants, since it's open for anyone to ask questions which enables you to steer the course in the direction that YOU want! You'll get TAB/notation for many of the arrangements and exercises that are taught in this bootcamp, and you'll even be  sent mp3 files of some of the exercises and songs, so that you can practice in your own tempo after the course is finished. This is a great experience and a wonderful place to meet new people that have the same interests as you do! TFOA Guitar Bootcamp is an inspiring, warm and FUN guitar hangout!"

For the people who joined the last Bootcamp: this edition there will be new things to learn!

The weekend will be as followed;

Friday 13th of August:
The evening will start by all meeting up at the "Watertoren Lutten" around 20:00, a Bed & Breakfast in a monumental building near Dedemsvaart. Here everyone can meet eachother and enjoy a drink together before starting the Bootcamp the next morning.

Saturday 14th of August:
Start the day off with breakfast at TFOA. An organised ride will take you to TFOA where the Bootcamp will start at 10:30!

10:00 / 11:00 - Organised ride to TFOA and time to meet Emil & eachother!
11:00 / 12:20 - Guitar Session 1
12:20 / 13:30 - Lunch (Dina’s Fellows)  
13:30 / 14:50 - Guitar Session 2
14:50 / 15:10 – Break
15:10 / 16:30 - Guitar Session 3 
16:30 / 19:00 - Free time, hangout, jam, questions
19:00 - Diner Buffet

Organised ride back to the B&B.

Sunday 15th of August:
Start the day off with breakfast at TFOA. An organised ride will oncemore take you to TFOA.

09:00 / 09:30 - Ride to TFOA (We won't be going back to the B&B from here, so it could be smart to take your own ride)
09:30 / 10:50 - Guitar Session 4
10:50 / 11:10 - Break 
11:10 / 12:30 - Guitar Session 5
12:30 / 13:30 - Lunch (Dina’s Fellows) 
13:30 / 14:50 - Guitar Session 6

End of the bootcamp! Here we'll have some drinks and have a last, casual meetup. 


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Address B&B "Watertoren Lutten": Dedemsvaartseweg-Noord 64a, 7775 AJ Lutten, Nederland. 

Address TFOA: Moerheimstraat 144, 7701 CJ Dedemsvaart, Nederland.

August 13th 2021
Theatre Dina