Ralph de Jongh and Ewa Pepper
Ralph de Jongh and Ewa Pepper, Breath of Live
Sunday February 3rd 2019

We already knew Ralph de Jongh from previous encounters at Theater Dina, and he is already a big name amongst blues-lovers. Ralph is known for his energetic and especially emotional playing that sounds so authentic, that you actually feel like you are in the Delta. In this concert he will play with grade-A-musician Ewa Pepper on violin. 

This duo only met about three or four years ago. On Lonesome Man / Ocean of Love (Ralph's debut album) they can be heard together for the first time, for example on the beautiful song Rye. You can immediately hear that together they form a special combination. Both are born musicians, who live for the music and play straight from the heart. Ewa Pepper was born in Wloszczowa, Poland and is known there as Ewa Górzynska. A versatile and much sought-after violinist, living in our capital-city at the moment. She exchanged the piano for the violin at the age of eight on her parents advice. She graduated cum laude at the Chopin school of Music and then continued her musical education at the Cracow institute of performing arts and media studies.

From a review by Theo Volk on the album by Pepper and De Jongh: "On the debut album Breath of Live, good for about two hours of music, it appears that the chemistry between them has grown. The title seems to be well chosen, the repertoire can easily be translated to the stage, but in fact, it will not sound any different, as is shown by the live video of Spinning Round, which has been available on Youtube for several days now, and is also a good indicator of what people think about the album. The songs touch me deeply, like Kneel to Your True Self, for example, it reminds me of the young Van Morrison at the time of Astral Weeks. Ewa can immerse himself in the songs of Ralph and can enrich them with her emtional playing, but her playing can also be inventive to varying degrees, such as her delightful playing in the bluesy Be, which had the working title Rising Rough, and some songs were recorded earlier like Love Is Not a Friend, but the use of the violin gives it a completely different character. The same applies to other previously published songs, including Harry. Harry Muskee (a big fan of Ralph de Jongh) would undoubtedly have liked this version too."

This concert will take place on the 3rd of February, a Sunday afternoon, and will cost € 15.00. It's going to be a wonderful afternoon, not only for lovers of blues, but also for lovers of roots, country and folk music.

February 3rd 2019
Theatre Dina
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