Roland Verstappen en Cor Mutsers
Verstappen & Mutsers
Sunday April 7th 2019

Roland Verstappen and Cor Mutsers, together on stage. As 2 independent musicians who find each other in the love for good songs. Both "old-stock" in the trade, crazy about guitars, pizzas and a good glass of wine. Both with a decent track record, a lot of experience and an unbeatable passion for good music. The one more guitarist, the other more creator and singer. And in that they complement each other seamlessly, cán 1 and 1 be more than 2?

Good songs that hit you deep inside, a lightly lived-through voice, a flawless second voice and lots of guitar; that's what it's all about with these two old-stocks! They tour together through small theaters in the Netherlands and Belgium, that is their mission. Roland's new single "Lief van Binnen" will be played in both countries and the clip is played on all target channels. On Sunday afternoon, April the 7th, they will play together in our Theater Dina, as regular customers of The Fellowship of Acoustics they are a familiar face and they will provide a very pleasant, but especially beautiful afternoon.


April 7th 2019
Theatre Dina
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